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Estate Planning/Wealth Preservation

Do you ever find yourself wondering:


  • Who will take care of my children after I die?

  • What will happen to the assets that I’ve spent a lifetime accumulating?

  • How can I make sure that control of my business doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

  • How do I keep my children or other family members from wasting their inheritance?

  • How can I minimize the taxes that my heirs will have to pay after I die?

  • How can I leave money or property to a charity that is important to me?

  • How do my retirement plans and life insurance fit in?

  • What happens if I become disabled?

  • What if I become terminally ill?


An effective and comprehensive estate plan is one that provides you with answers to these and other vitally important questions.  While you may be able to prepare your own will using an online service or off-the-shelf software, only an experienced attorney can design and implement a complete estate plan tailored to your specific circumstances. 


Our process starts with an initial consultation.  Once we thoroughly understand your needs and objectives, we will create a custom-designed plan for you, always keeping these objectives in mind.  The process then continues with a meeting where you will sign the documents implementing your plan.  At a minimum the estate plan will normally include a will, a living will, and medical and financial proxies, but it may also include more sophisticated devices such as revocable or irrevocable trusts or family limited liability companies.  We will also work with you to develop a business succession plan to help secure your retirement and protect your legacy.  Finally, we will periodically review your plan with you to make sure that it continues to meet your needs throughout your life.


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