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General Corporate Law

Our general corporate practice covers the entire life cycle of your company.  At the beginning we will help you select the appropriate entity, whether it is a limited liability company, partnership, “C” corporation or “S” corporation.  We will draft the constituent documents, including shareholder agreements, operating agreements and partnership agreements.  We will file all necessary organizational documents with the appropriate governmental agencies. We also will assist you with determining where else you may need to qualify to do business and what, if any, paperwork is required in order to complete the qualification.


As your company matures, we can assist with structural issues, such as business plans, potential for expansion or additional financing. We also will advise you on your relationships with your vendors, your employees and other professionals. We can review contracts, draft stock appreciation rights agreements, employment agreements, non-competition and confidentiality agreements.


If matters arise on which we do not have expertise, we maintain relationships with many other professionals who can provide you with the advice you require.

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